Five Questions to Answer the Advertising 4.0 Concept

In the ultimate chapter, I in short brought the idea of Advertising 4.0. In this text, I would love to extract a few questions and solutions come from my clients and me.

Question 1: Which version could be after the Advertising 4.0?

I informed my patron, “it’d be version 1.0 after model four.Zero, because it’s miles a cycle from 1.Zero to 4.0, I imply that represents the life cycle of a product while it has finished, there may be a new product comes out to update the vintage one.”

Question 2: Why do some brands always be live inside the version 1.0, 2.Zero, or maybe three.Zero?

In reality, there are numerous brands will die after experienced the Advertising 1.0 and 2.Zero, just a few terrific manufacturers can continue to exist to be three.Zero after which visit be 4.0, which might be complete of effective vitality that are we often say whom can live to tell the tale nowadays, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

Only the ones manufacturers that could live to model four.Zero, then have the capability to share some excellent ideas or spirit with their clients inside the market.

Question 3: As a new product or brand, can we pick any of the version 2.Zero,three.0 or four.Zero to use in advertising creativity?

This solution is likewise very clear. We regularly say that new child calves aren’t afraid of tigers, but a brand new product or logo has diverse barriers. If you want to inform the customers your merchandise are perfect, or share your proud achievements with the public, can your customers agree with it? No.

There are exceptions, of path, which is that you need to be desirable enough to address the innovative method of Advertising 4.Zero.

Question four: Is the four.0 more superior than 3.Zero, 2.Zero and 1.Zero?

Of direction now not. Any one of the variations is just the mark in addition to the Wechat, Twitter, or App versions, in another phrase, the it simply stands for a emblem’s milestone of boom. Whether it’s far advanced or not depends on how do you cope with the marketing creativity.

Below are 4 examples:

Advertising 1.0, Nongfu Mountain Spring’s slogan “We Are the Porters of Nature” emphasizing What It Is;
Advertising 2.0, Oreo has an AD that announces “Twit, Lick and Bubble” emphasizing How to Eat;
Advertising 3.0, I have stated JD’s AdWords “Fast, Better and Save”;
Advertising four.Zero, you can head of 1 recreation logo’s marketing says “Everything is Possible”, “Just Do It”, that is the sharing of emblem spirit.
Question five: Is the creative common sense of the Advertising 4.Zero applicable to all manufacturers?
The solution is No. In the autumn of 2017, I released its final scope of utility. Your products, group or private brand all can use it except policy marketing.

Because the policy marketing is geared toward the goals that can be achieved inside the destiny, however different products and services’ Advertising should emphasize what can be finished at present. If your services and products can’t do it at all, it is cheating.

This is an essential factor, mainly which ought to be paid attention to via whom engaged in advertising creativity. Although there is not clean distinction among the two within the modern-day advertising textbooks, books, and even laws, the difference is simply exited in existence.

In all, the Advertising four.Zero is not only the simple framework of marketing creativity, but additionally the boundary of advertising and marketing management.

However, this concept and exercise is beneath the heritage of the rise of Internet, Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence, so I named it as Advertising four.Zero. Compared with the conventional advertising and marketing creativity, I happy with it taking a leap forward than the past years without net.